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Coming this Fall, Enlite10's new TabNet™ product targets mobile usage, and is all about the data.  A company cannot grow business on what it doesn't know.

Studies have shown that businesses collect less than 25% of their customers info that have visited their place of business. That means to Enlite10 that 75% of your immediate sales and customer base growth opportunities are walking out the door. These customers are the mindshare of your business. Its the expectations of your customers that a business needs to know in order to be successful. TabNet allows you to actively gather information in a very non evasive manner using custom survey's that are mobile with the ability to tie a promotion or contest to incentivize the process.

No more paper survey's that cost each time you want to change something, you now have the ability with TabNet to create service specific, easy data gathering, branded surveys that you can then view results realtime. 

Target different locations of your business with the ease of using tablets.

Features and Advantages include:

Customized Branded Surveys 

Shows the customers you are interested in their opinion and making their experience the best possible.

Increase Revenue Generating Opportunities

Integrate directly with our Intouch Email marketing solution

Create customer lists based on your custom surveys.No more having to export and import into another system in order to reach your target.

No wifi or cell connection needed when gathering info

TabNet will sync up with the server once a connection can be found , if not it will store data locally until it finds a server connection.

Easy to use TabNet Management Tool