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Enlightened's new Mobilizer™ product is not just another "shrunken" or "less than the Desktop" website, it actually targets mobile usage, and is customized to your brand.

Features and Advantages include:

An Enlite10 True Mobile Responsive Design

Serve content that is specifically adapted for the device, the requesting device’s UA (user agent) string is checked and the appropriate content is served using an optimized custom mobile design created to address your specific needs. 

Revenue Generating Calls to Action

Based on your specific requirements, Enlite10's production team will integrate revenue generating mobile features, customized to your needs.

e.g. Mobilizer GOLF Site - mobile food and beverage ordering services 

Content Management System "you" will use to control and maintain the information you present

Initial site design and customization will be handled by Enlite10's development and design team.

Then the CMS feature set, which is specially tailored to optimize mobile interaction, will allow you display and convey the information most valuable to your mobile site visitors.

e.g. Mobilizer REAL ESTATE Site -  maintain real estate listings ( pictures and property information through the Mobilizer's Real Estate Listing management tools)

Direct Email List Integration

Ability to integrate into Enlite10's Intouch Email Marketing System; custom forms (Promotions, Event Signups, Registration, etc.) 

Location Based Services, such as:

Weather, and Directions

Mobile Search Analysis

All sites integrated with Google Analytics (i.e. Organic Search)